A Hot Story!



Greatness chose us. No seriously, it literally chose us!


Our founder is a big foodie. You put this guy in the kitchen and something amazing is bound to come out! One night, stir fry was on the menu, but it was missing that something… (Lightbulb moment). A little garlic, some onions, peppers, tomatoes and a touch of fiery magic, and voila! A masterpiece. You see, greatness found us. This little kitchen experiment started doing the rounds at office lunches and get-to-togethers, before we knew it the order requests started flowing in. Who were we to deny the people what they wanted? So, just like that, Yummie Brands was born.


Our recipes are close to our heart. They’ve been refined and crafted to give you the best chilli sauce that your taste buds will ever have the pleasure of meeting. To ensure our seat at your table, we have created a range of sauces to capture everyone, from the flavour-chasers to the chilli heads.  We bring our love of spices and passion for flavor to your kitchen. Just bring the dish and we’ll bring heat!